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You’re going to see your wife lose her temper, she’s going to see you take a shit on your honeymoon and you’re each going to see each other act like a total loser at an event.

Get used to it and let this encourage you to start seeing your marriage in a realistic light; an imperfect light—just like everyone else’s. She was constant, loveable, funny, honest etc., the list goes on.

No matter how painful a breakup is; violence is an absolutely despicable way of dealing with it.

Menprovement would also like to add that a woman’s (or a man’s) sexuality is absolutely their property to do with as they choose; and no-one has any right to tell them what they can or cannot do with their body.

This feeling trickles into your worries about others’ perceptions of you–if they were to find out. You didn’t marry her for what she brought to your reputation; you married her because you loved her.

Unfortunately, this prevents a lot of couples from talking to loved-ones and getting the help they need. It was enough in the good times; it should be enough in the bad times.

We start to think they might actually be perfect (in a relative sense).

When something comes along and pops that perfect bubble, you feel dismayed and alone.

lying, deceiving, purposefully trying to humiliate or hurt a person), we believe that you should respect a person’s choices (sexual or otherwise) and make no attempt to try and control them.When you lose trust in this person, it creates a domino effect in your life.Memories become tainted, your sex life can suffer and you generally feel as if you may not have really known her to begin with.Allay the fear of losing at a competition you’ve created in your head and put that energy into working towards a better future for yourself, whether she is in it or not.In a modern age, trust is extremely rare and valuable, and most often, our spouses are the ones whom we trust implicitly above most others.

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