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That excitement quickly turned into one of the worst nights of his life.Little Prince (or Princess) Syndrome, when it occurs in adulthood, is also known as Peter Pan Syndrome.Italian boys, for instance, are often smothered by their mothers.Anecdotally at least, they tend to move out from home very late (sometimes in their 30s).Following are 10 traits typical of someone living with Little Prince or Princess Syndrome.

It will help make their children better people in the long run. Sounds like you were on the receiving end of a boys relationship. There is probably a reason DSM doesn't categorize this. Seems to me the only bitterness here is on your side. But it's been a long haul and he needs to be on his own. Sure, he is your son but it's still not okay for him to use you for comfort and convenience, and what not. He didn't do that and he also didn't pay me so now here we are I making a move out and he has no money.

Little Prince (or Princess) Syndrome is related to, but not identical to, Emperor Syndrome, a term is primarily used to describe Chinese boys with no siblings who behave like little tyrants.

Little Princes and Princesses, as I define them, are grown men or women who act as if they are selfish children, narcissistic teenagers, or irresponsible young adults, and feel entitled to behave as they see fit.

The condition does not figure in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), so it is not considered an official mental disorder.

But it is a common condition, one which often results from an overly protective mother (or father)—a helicopter mom, or a parent who gives their son or daughter free range, and too much praise and attention, during childhood and adolescence.

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