Andre prager speeddating

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This man is a personal mess and a political nightmare.

No good can ever come from dating that combination.

I don’t have any women in my life who would find his story attractive, but bless him for sharing it so proudly. I have struck out without ever having even made it to bat.

All I can do is laugh because at the end of the day it is funny.

For the next three minutes he referred to his not-really-ex-girlfriend by name 26 times.

He assured me I didn’t need to worry about dating him, because they had a system in place.

She slept in one room, he slept in another, and they took turns dating on weekends.

Interesting fact, two of the kids were born sixteen days apart. His kids range in age from 8 to 36, and he would really like to have more.

Fun fact: he has two grandchildren who are older than his youngest children.

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