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Most recently he toured nationally in the Helpmann Award winning production of Thursday’s Child for Sydney Theatre Company Ed/Monkey Baa.Brendon’s first short film The Law won a Jury Prize at Flickerfest 2012.We are also talking to some very well known writers, in order for them to assist Sam and Evan with this mammoth task - we just wish we could spill the beans! Our director, cinematographer, designers, the lighting, camera and sound crew and of course our actors spend long days of dedicated professionalism for an entire month as they create the vision laid out in the script.FILMING: Pre-Production This is where the script is broken down into a finely tuned schedule. This is where the characters and the story of The EX-O comes to life.

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Set in Sydney, the show explores what it's like to live and love in this city. WRITING: The first season's outline has been written.We have completed scripts for the first three episodes, the remaining episodes have been plotted and are with the writers as we speak. This is where our amazing creative team along with the professional crew and cast unite in the filming of The EX-O.Her film credits include Six Characters (First Class Films), The Taste Of Cigarettes (Tropfest 2009), The Swimming Lesson (Bowen Ellames) and Red Wire Blue (Foulstone Pictures).Annalisa is an English/Italian actress who studied Method Techniques at The Lee Strasberg Institute, Los Angeles in 2010.

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