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She also noticed something about Austrian "officers" that I found very interesting: Be it secretaries, civil servants or any other official in a "power position" that you would like to do anything for you, they have a tendency to emphasise that they are doing you a favour, which you might have to return at some point. "an official would show his power by pointing out the rules and stick to them, making you a beggar and then rejecting you.

In Austria, on contrast, an official would show you his power by pointing out the rules first and then with a conspirational look tell you that because they like you, they will use their power to make an exception for you, regardless of possible negative consequences for themselves." I fully agree with B.

Nevertheless, she found Austrian men sexually aggressive and difficult do deal with on an emotional level. thinks that Austrian men have a tendency to be emotionally challenged and always have a dark side. He liked Vienna as a city, but found the Viennese "a bit quirky".

He pointed out that Austrians are not the most friendly people on earth and lack patience in public communication. is from the US and lived in Vienna, working as at a university.

The two countries represent the largest sparkling wine markets in the world.

When I asked her about things she felt were something specific about Austrians, she said that they (we) are very proud of achievements and like to show off especially with things related to studies or jobs. is from the US and has lived for several years in Graz.

Especially men she though could talk forever about what they did and why. She has worked in the management of a technology company.

The basic idea of Tour My is to provide information on tourist attractions and other Austrian things from the point of view of a local.

In the article on what foreigners notice when they travel in Austria, I have collected a few impressions that tourists from abroad find interesting.

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