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To answer you first question: FMLA protected time starts when the employee actually take stakes leave, and leave is certified.

So So, there could many scenarios, but of the 2 choices you gave, the leave would start when the employee notifies and the doctor has certified.

Some employers may be more flexible, but that is the minimum the regulations require. She cannot submit paperwork on August 27, after additional absences, claiming that the August 1 thru 4 absence was FMLA.

For your hypothetical: the employer could apply it to either date.The two-day rule doesn’t kick in because the employee reasonably could have followed the company’s stricter standard call-in procedure. She was first treated by a medical provider on 11/15/08.This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at pm and is filed under Attendance Management, Human Resources Management. Is it the date that the employee notifies the employer (given they provide the proper medical certification) or is it the date the doctor certifies the FMLA? Also, can FMLA be restroedrestored prior to when we were notified if the doctor certifies the dates?

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