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The trace is dominated by two woodsy notes: creamy rosewood and dense oak moss absolute, while the powdery and sensual Tonka and vanilla end the composition.The fragrance was created by Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Olivier Cresp in 2006.I have had this perfume a while and when I first wore it I didn't like it but it was spring / summer time . I will buy this gem, and one think that makes me love it more, is that its unknown for most of the people :))) I will not smell like every body At first it's pretty strong and leaning towards manly. After a few hours the perfume becomes soft, almost powdery and feminine. There's a nice, woody and floral base for it all to sit on. It took me some time to finally review Ange ou Demon.I have since started wearing it this winter which has been really cold and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and I have to agree with another reviewer the smell of a antiseptic cream and Vick vapour rub but I liked it so much so I used it all ;) Would I buy again , maybe :) This lasts a very long time on cloth. I didn t test it on my skin but within a week i was smelling my scarf all day. It's a very sensual, mysterious perfume and not easy to describe.

In the drydown vanilla takes the main stage, supported by the bright floral notes of ylang ylang and lily. The final skinscent after many hours of wearing is a bit flat compared to the rest of the perfume, it's just creamy, light vanilla without much projection. Adoro suas nuances e tudo que faz sentir, me sinto mais bonita e poderosa com ele.I bought this about 10 years ago because I loved the sweetness this had to offer but I used it for a little while and put it away.I am smelling it once again today and wow it is so sexy and delicious.Then after an hour the scent developed into a creamy vanilla well blended with some delicate flower and woodsy notes.What I like about this scent is that it doesn't fit anywhere, here it says oriental flower and I'd say it is, but is also more, and else.

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