Be hungry dating site

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Gabi Diamond, a young food blogger, applies for a job as a personal chef for Josh Kaminski, a successful tech entrepreneur.

Josh plans on proposing to his girlfriend, Caroline (Mallory Jansen), until she breaks things off before his proposal is due.

She initially doesn't believe but decides to confront Cam anyways, only to discover even more worrisome news.

Josh hires Cooper (Jesse Mc Cartney), a computer hacker to work for him.

Things take a weird turn when Sofia actually befriends Caroline and they attempt to attend a Lorde concert together. Meanwhile, Elliot and Yolanda try out a diet together.

Gabi's car breaks down, and Josh replaces it with a new one.

Gabi is angered by this, revealing that it was the last thing she has memory of her mother.

But when Cooper puts his romantic moves on Gabi, Josh's jealous feelings start to show and he tells Gabi that she can't date Cooper. Josh has a new bathtub put in for Caroline, with her to be the first one to use it.

However, Elliot and Yolanda schemes to use it for themselves.

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