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, when everything my friends and I knew about gayness came from our own, um, gayness ― I recall bisexuality as being the default assumption about anyone who expressed same-sex interest.There was no expectation that just because a girl was interested in another girl one week, she wouldn’t be interested in a boy the following week. Maybe that was a generational thing; we didn’t have many examples of people calling themselves bi (we’d never heard the acronym “LGBTQ” either), so it didn’t occur to us.During all that time, are you worrying about your sexual identity?Maybe, but more likely you’re too busy exchanging melodramatic text messages with your best friend analyzing it all.

Attraction to people of the opposite sex is the norm; it’s expected.She could very well go back to dating exclusively boys once this romance with the girl ends. We like to put books into boxes, just as people like to put themselves and others into boxes.But we readers won’t hear about that, because the book usually ends way before that happens. Think ― which isn’t a YA novel, but which might as well be one. (This isn’t limited to LGBTQ books at all, btw; think of the constant issues with urban fantasy versus paranormal romance versus supernatural versus straight-up fantasy ― and on and on.) It’s true that a lot of high school kids who identify as being on the LGBTQ spectrum would choose describe themselves as bi, if they had to pick a label.The is that you’re attracted to someone of the same sex. So a book gets branded as a “lesbian” book because it’s about a girl having a relationship with another girl.Sometimes one or both of those girls explicitly refers to themselves as a lesbian, but just as often, maybe often, the protagonist just spends the book obsessing over the feelings she’s having about this one particular girl.

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