Bill brandes heidi cornell still dating millionaire matchmaker

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#2 Patti Melt– A young millionaire Jason broke a rule taking a few of his buddies on his date. Shouldn’t Andy interrupt telling her this is the last season? I guess not, maybe there is a future for Millionaire Matchmaker. Tonight marks the 4th season premiere of Bravo’s hit show – The Millionaire Matchmaker! Well, we will get to see the matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, as she sets up her office in New York City, following her move from Los Angeles. Also on the season opener, Patti will attempt to find perfect matches for Derek, 40, a proud “butt man,” and Bryce, 26, an uptight heiress who demands a Jewish version of George Clooney. She goes on to explain all the appliances will be Hello Kitty and everything will be pink. In true Bravo fashion, Robin blames editing for why she came off so cray-cray.She says her gold digger hot guy and her did sleep together, but they became just friends probably because she never bought him any of the promised gifts — a Maserati, motorcycle, condo… Part one of the first ever (and probably last ever) Millionaire Matchmaker reunion aired last night, and not only did the beloved Andy Cohen put Patti in the hot seat, but he reunited some of Patti’s most memorable clients from the past five seasons.

All the clients and Patti were looking hot, hot, hot!

Heidi Cornell is brought back to Bravo not only because she was one of Patti’s hottest clients, but she also choose Patti’s other client as her date.

The two had a romantic, intense date that just showed off how hot this single mom is.

In usual Patti fashion, she will have some harsh words for both bachelor(ettes).

When asked about the biggest difference between her LA and NYC clients, Patti states “L. millionaires are snotty on the looks, and New York millionaires are snotty on the intelligence.” As for her widely reported break-up with fiance Andy Friedman, it will not be featured on the show this season as taping had already ended before it happened.

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