Blogger recent comments not updating failed while updating boot sectors disk

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You should also read these two guides to learn more about making your article SEO friendly: Comments: When you started your blog for the first time, you may have made the mistake I made by accepting comments that do not add value to your blog.Or perhaps you accepted some spam comments that are submitted by automated commenting systems.Moreover, your blog’s bounce rate will increase and the average time-on-site will be low.By keeping your old posts updated, you not only turn a visitor into a reader or subscriber, but you also improve one decaying part of your blog. )Let’s look at the sorts of things that need to be edited in old blog posts, and why they needed refreshing.

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So let’s go ahead and first understand why you need to start working on your old posts now.

If you have a post which might be a year old or more, it may contain information that is not currently relevant.

The visitor who lands on the outdated or irrelevant information will hit the “close” button and move on to other options.

One of the lesser known things about any popular blogger is; that they spend as much time editing old posts as they do write new posts.

Particularly after the Google Panda algorithm rollout it’s essential to keep all posts of your blog relevant and up-to- date.

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