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Affairs are serious and damaging but they are not beyond repair if both spouses agree to try.There must be a commitment to cut off the affair, a time of repentance, forgiveness and a rebuilding of the relationship.The truth: all you have control over is your reaction to your spouse. Differences are not a major problem as long as the differences are not about life values and morals. Some differences are unsolvable and couples need to learn to accept those.And the Bible gives clear guidelines on how to deal with conflict in a Christ-like way.Your spouse grew up in a family that taught her how to be who she is today.Yes, there are other influences and people can change, but family is a primary force in the development of any individual. The fact that she's continually late or her apartment is a mess is not likely to change because of your undying love.The truth is you can restore that loving feeling with a number of changes.

You may not always feel love but you must determine to love your partner as yourself.

Look to those examples of how men and women should interact. To say you can't change obviates the entire Christian experience of salvation and change of heart.

You will find that no matter how you negotiate the relationship, you need mutual submission, respect, honor, empowerment and empathy. Yes, we are always striving for perfection but the operative phrase is that we should be striving.

So if you want to strengthen your marriage or stop the slippery slide to divorce, first check your thoughts and ask, “Are my thoughts reflective of the secular culture or the Bible?

” You may be surprised how far your thinking has strayed from the Bible's restorative theme.

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