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When a woman says she can 'see' that someone doesn't agree with the group opinion she is actually 'seeing' the disagreement.She's picked up that someone's body language is out of sync with group opinion and they are showing their disagreement by not mirroring the group's body language.Professor Joseph Heinrich from the University of Michigan found that the urges to mirror others are hardwired into the brain because co-operation leads to more food, better health and economic growth for communities.

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Being 'in sync' to bond with another person begins early in the womb when our body functions and heartbeat match the rhythm of our mother, so mirroring is a state to which we are naturally inclined.

For example, at a restaurant, one person can be reluctant to eat or drink alone for fear of being out of sync with the others. This is one of the reasons why playing background music during a date is so effective - the music gets a couple to beat and tap in time together.

When it comes to ordering the meal, each may check with the others before ordering. American heart surgeon, Dr Memhet Oz, reported some remarkable findings from heart recipients.

When she gets PMT, he develops a strong desire for chocolate; and when she feels bloated, he farts.

When a person says 'the vibes are right' or that they 'feel right' around another person, they are unknowingly referring to mirroring and synchronous behavior.

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