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While she was in high school, Hunt spent her summers as a voluntary candy stripper before she became passionate about healthcare.

She started out as a nurse aide then became a nurse at the dictate of her father.

Robert was an electrician and the father to the seven Hunt children.

He was known in the neighborhood to be a strict disciplinarian and was very present as a father to his kids.

Today, Bonnie has written and directed her own shows and she is one of the few vivacious women that have left a tremendous impact in the acting field.

Read on to see more about the personal life of this accomplished female.

No one expected it in 2006 when the long time lovers made known their sad intention.

Alice Hunt (mother) Alice was a homemaker and an actress known for “The Bonnie Hunt Show” (2008 – 2010) where she played the role of her real life self.

She was also seen in the “Return To Me” (2000) movie where she also acted alongside her famous daughter Bonnie.

How did she make the transition from being a nurse to a big Hollywood female?

Date of Birth: September 22, 1961 Zodiac Sign: Virgo According to Hunt, she always knew at a young age that she would live her life telling stories.

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