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Obviously we are talking of a GPMG in Light Role configuration.At least one per platoon: there was a time when the British Army platoon included a Maneuver Support element of 4 men armed with two GPMG LRs, commanded by an NCO, but there is no way for now to tell whether a return to such organization is a possibility.The British Army employs the short-barreled “para” configuration and it was thought that an upgrade might significantly improve the results.However, ITDU assessed that the change of barrel did not help the LMG.qualitative studies into load carriage, examining the impact of weight of equipment on agility, lethality, survivability and cognitive ability.

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After numerous reports in the last few years, it seems that the time has truly come for the British Army sections to say goodbye to the L110A2/3 LMG, based on the ubiquitous Minimi used in many countries.The final recommendation was to remove it from the Section.Soldier Equipment and Technology Advancement Forum (SETAF) in London, Lt. Iain Moodie, SO1, Dismounted Close Combat, Capability Directorate Combat, went on record saying that the “options” for the future of the platoon included losing the LMG but also the GPMG Light Role and the 60mm “commando” Mortar., named after fusilier Tom Payne of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Normandy in 1944, was created to come up with training, tactics and procedures to try and emulate the relatively lightweight assault load that would have been familiar to the original Payne.In practice, this was the origin of the “Fight Light” tactical direction.

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