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I have 2 English Bulldogs and 1 French Bulldog and the cold hard truth is that they can’t breathe properly.— Freya.

(@Freya Fails) March 14, 2018#Saving The British Bulldog is the most amazing thing I’ve watched.rid of these bad breeders and keep them a healthy British icon😍🐶❤️I mean who doesn’t wanna be represented by the bundle of cuteness❤️❤️❤️❤️— carly (@Carly Lil) March 14, 2018Breeding dogs because they are “fashionable “ even if they have terrible health problems because of inbreeding….

This show was so X-rated it caused chaos off-screen – particularly for a certain former Miss Great Britain.

One evening during 2016's series, beauty queen Zara Holland got so carried away with Alex Bowen that she had sex with him on camera and the footage was then aired on national TV.

My lad is happy and healthy because his breeders cared. Don’t tar all bullys with the same brush @BBCOne 💔 Xh9Oyw9— Shawny-Ray (@shawnyray) March 14, 2018As a proud #Bulldog mama, I fully support the call to address the breed’s health issues.

Unfortunately, she came away disheartened when the Kennel Club's representative admitted the group is unlikely to enforce additional regulations.

, which highlights the efforts to stop harmful breeding practices of the nation's best-loved doggos.

Some vets over the last year have urged the public to stop buying flat-faced breeds like the bulldogs because of the myriad of health defects the pups are experiencing due to mass inbreeding., Catherine Tate explored the ways in which responsible breeders are trying to use safer practices to ensure that bulldogs can live happy and pain-free lives.

#Savingthe British Bulldog ..disgusting,get a dog from a rescue centre!!

— Jill Hudson (@dialadike) March 14, 2018Tough viewing this Bulldog programme on BBC1Very negative so far.

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