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Thus, it seems probable that Vermeer's parents belonged to a sizable group of people called (supporters), or those who for one reason or another did not comply with the strict requirements of membership or had a dislike for religious discipline.

Although nothing is known of Vermeer's religious thoughts before his marriage, we know for certain that he was baptized on 31 October, 1632 in the Reformed Church in Delft.

However, since Vermeer was already baptized, only a short consecrating act would have been necessary to convert to Catholicism together with basic lessons in the Catholic faith.

Each new "soul" was warmly welcomed by the Catholic Church, even in times of repression.

Although not common, religious conversions happened. The renowned Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel converted.Maria Tesselschade, the talented daughter of Roemers Vischer and a friend of Contantijn Huygens, became a Catholic in 1642 causing much grief to Huygens who went so far as to write a poem in protest. The Council of Trent (1545–1563) had decreed matrimonial unions between Catholics and non-Catholics null and void.Thus, the marriage between Catharina as a Catholic and Vermeer as a non-Catholic would not have been accepted by the Catholic Church as a union in the understanding of the Catholic Church.One gains rom this unusual glimpse into the private life of Vermeer: the aspiring young painter had evidently earned the favor of respectable men of the arts and high-standing Delft citizens.Vermeer's marriage is recorded in a second document of April 5, 1653 with a marginal notation citing the town Schipluy as the place where the union took place.

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