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If a man lived this principle, he would become a god himself and inherit an earth of his own, one just like our earth.

Women who married polygamists, loved their sister wives, and had as many children as they could would become goddesses, which meant they were their husband's heavenly servants.

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"Ever since I can remember, his picture was mounted in the church and it was everywhere we went.There were people who were very strict, stayed home on Sundays, didn't listen to wordly music, dressed in those long dresses, and wore their hair a certain way," Wariner says."But my mom loved Elvis Presley and the Everly brothers, so she introduced that to us."Polygamy is very hard on women and children."Wariner's mother Kathy was only 17 when she married Joel Le Baron, the leader of her church, a man 25 years her senior.In 1972, shortly after they wed, Joel was killed in a plot concocted by his brother, Ervil Le Baron, the leader of a different sect who would later be known as "the Mormon Manson" because of the brutal murders he was believed to have ordered.

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