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The last 3 weeks have been some of the funnest times and also some of the most frustrating times I have had shooting a camera.I have been shooting and vigorously testing a Leica X1 and man oh man, this thing is like a pack of firecrackers, with the occasional dud.What I wanted to know is if it was worth the premium in price over comparable cameras in PERFORMANCE and quality of image. But first, a photo from a store window display two days before Christmas. After three weeks with this camera, I can positively say yes, this sensor is superb for the X1.

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It has the red dot folks, and the name “Leica” and k in Leica land is pretty cheap these days.

No art filters, no scene modes, and NO, it does not record video (but really, did we ever need that with film)?

Like I said, it is a Leica and it is made to do ONE job and do it well.

At double the price of those hot cameras it really needs to have something special to get buyers to part with their hard earned cash. Most compacts have tiny sensors and the only other semi-compact cameras that have somewhat large sensors are the micro 4/3 cameras, like the Panasonic GF1 and the Olympus E-P2.

Others will buy it just because it is a Leica so no matter what, Leica will sell quite a few of these. The X1 sensor is bigger than those and therefore will give you better image quality and high ISO quality.

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