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If you're looking for where the true black metal sound really comes from, THIS is it.Along with Beherit's Drawing Down The Moon, properly the most evil-sounding record ever recorded. Who the fuck are you to expect that I'll want to give you cash money for your stuff?Some wee Johnny-come-lately releasing some crap LP and having the priveleged, expectant attitude that we all owe them a living. So think beyond yourselves and don't be selfish twats, the "scene" is bigger than all of you and always will be.**************************************************************************************************************************************************************** New stuff in comes first in the list, so you know what's fresh in at At War Towers. A lot of folk have moaned that this list is cumbersome and annoying to read but you know what? I've spent ten years now listing distro up on here and I hold the idea of actually listening to stuff I get in and giving an opinion on it very dear.

Doesn't have the grotty stoner sound of Mental Funeral but does have Steve Di Giorgio absolutely tearing it up on the bass, thumping the twisted guitar lines into the dust. £13 Great comeback EP thankfully in print again after about ten years (yep, Autopsy have been back for a longer period of time than they were going in the first place! The past couple of Autopsy albums honestly haven't done much for me, but this and the first comeback album are primo death metal and as good as anything they did first time round. £13 SUPERB new mini-album and the best thing I've heard Autopsy come out with since they got back together. This is still dear for a collection of demos but better than spending 30 quid on the middle-class gimp-fest that is the Nuclear War Now diehard LP.I don't want to just see a Paypal payment in my inbox then ship yer gear out.If you want some middle-class fucking coffee-table vinyl boxset and the ability to pay via credit card without actually communicating with a human being, stick to the Nuclear War Nigels or Hell's Ballbangers.Truly legendary stuff, every metal fan should have this record in their collection!£14 The second Bathory album and whilst their debut was an instant classic, THIS is the record by which all others are judged!

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