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iii, in 2 parts, Berlin, 1873-1902 (pars I, Inscriptiones Aegypti et Asiae. Inscriptionum Illyrici partes I-V (1873), II, Inscriptionum Illyrici partes VI. Harleian 473 , printed in Richardson, Reprints, miscell. ‘Account of a brief Roman inscription lately discovered at Kemsey near Worcester’ Anonymous Germanus. Newc., Roman altars and inscribed and sculptured stones in the collection of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1838 (containing rubbings numbered by the 1839 Catalogue). notes in his own copy of his ‘An account of a Roman temple and other antiquities near Graham's Dike in Scotland’. Roman discoveries at Maryport, Cumberland, described and illustrated. Notebooks i-xxvii, 1889-1919, stored with the Editor.

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