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CJ was hit with a lot of criticism from other You Tubers for stealing the videos he was reacting to, in 2015.On 2016, CJ announced on his Twitter that his You Tube got hacked.“Because,” Longmire responded, according to court documents obtained by the Kitsap Sun.Longmire ultimately pleaded guilty to cyberstalking with sexual motivation and was sentenced to three days in juvenile detention.He became a Vlogger with growing popularity and began uploading vlogs weekly.CJ so Cool came into a lot of controversy with a particular video where he went to a local drug store and bought Laxative to put it into his children’s food and filmed them in pain.He later wrote on his page that ‘' this was not the first time he was hacked, stating that his bank account was also hacked’' The hacker removed his 1033 videos from You Tube. CJ is a You Tube star with a net worth of 0,000. PORT ORCHARD — A registered sex offender is accused of gathering explicit videos from men he met on gay dating sites, then threatening to send the videos to their friends and family if the victims don’t send him more extreme videos.

After that, his younger brother helped him by improving the content of his page and increased the quality of his videos. CJ also previously worked as a casino craps and poker dealer.Christopher Malik “CJ” Longmire, 22, has convictions from Kitsap County Juvenile Court for similar conduct and may have been hiding his identity by using photos of a prior victim when soliciting the “sexts” from men on gay dating sites, according to charging documents.For the current case, Longmire was charged Wednesday in Kitsap County Superior Court with three counts of second-degree extortion with sexual motivation and three counts of possession of child pornography. Kitsap County sheriff’s investigators started their case in January 2017 after being contacted by authorities in California, where a man reported falling victim to the extortion scheme.CJ so Cool was born on March 29, 1989, in Gray, Indiana, US.He grew up in Las Vegas with his brother Anthony “Jinx” Brady. As a youngster CJ so Cool took up summer jobs to support his family. He first created his You Tube account during his school years.

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