Consolidating n10

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213 Modifying PSA Plug-ins Using the CLI 215 Available CLI Tools and Their Options 215 Adding a PSA Claim Rule 217 Deleting a Claim Rule 231 Masking Paths to a Certain LUN 233 Unmasking a LUN 236 Changing PSP Assignment via the CLI 238 Summary 2426 ALUA 243 ALUA Defi nition 244 ALUA Target Port Groups 244 Asymmetric Access State 245 ALUA Management Modes 247 ALUA Followover 248 Identifying Device ALUA Confi guration 252 Troubleshooting ALUA 259 Summary 2637 Multipathing and Failover 265 What Is a Path? 270 Identifying the Current Path Using the CLI 270 Identifying the I/O (Current) Path Using the UI 271 LUN Discovery and Path Enumeration 273 Sample LUN Discovery and Path Enumeration Log Entries 275 Factors Affecting Multipathing 279 Accessing Advanced Options 280 Failover Triggers 282 SCSI Sense Codes 282 Path Failover Triggers 284 Path States 288 Factors Affecting Paths States 289 Path Selection Plug-ins 298 VMW_PSP_FIXED 298 VMW_PSP_MRU 299 VMW_PSP_RR 299 When and How to Change the Default PSP 299 When Should You Change the Default PSP?299 How to Change the Default PSP 300 PDL and APD 302 Unmounting a VMFS Volume 304 Detaching a Device Whose Datastore Was Unmounted 309 Path Ranking 313 Path Ranking for ALUA and Non-ALUA Storage 313 How Does Path Ranking Work for ALUA Arrays?The Hino Briska was renamed the Toyota Briska from 1967, signalling a refocusing of the Hino brand towards production of medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles instead.It was March 1968 when Toyota dealerships in Japan took delivery of the first genuine Toyota Hilux pick-up.313 How Does Path Ranking Work for Non-ALUA Arrays?315 Confi guring Ranked Paths 316 Summary 3188 Third-Party Multipathing I/O Plug-ins 319 MPIO Implementations on v Sphere 6 319 EMC Power Path/VE 6 320 Downloading Power Path/VE 320 Power Path/VE Installation Overview 322 What Gets Installed?378 Toggling an I/O Adapter as Passthrough on v Sphere 6.5 378 Adding a Passthrough PCI Device to a VM by Using v Sphere Web Client 380 Adding a Passthrough PCI Device to a VM by Using the HTML5 ESXi Host Client 382 Practical Examples of VM Design Scenarios Using VMDirect Path I/O 384 Hyperconverged Infrastructure 384 Passing Through Physical Tape Devices 384 Supported VMDirect Path I/O Devices 385 Direct Path I/O Example 385 Troubleshooting VMDirect Path I/O 386 Interrupt Handling and IRQ Sharing 386 Device Sharing 387 Summary 38811 Storage Virtualization Devices (SVDs) 389 The SVD Concept 389 How Does It Work?

357 Summary 36310 Using VMDirect Path I/O 365 What Is VMDirect Path? 366 Locating Hosts Supporting VMDirect Path I/O on the HCL 368 Confi guring VMDirect Path I/O on v Sphere 6.0 369 What Gets Added to the VM’s Confi guration File?

Its roots are found in the Briska line of small pick-ups made by Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer Hino Motors since 1961.

Toyota’s history with pick-ups dates back to the SB model of 1947 but halfway through production of the second-generation Briska, Toyota partnered with Hino Motors and pushed forward minor model improvements.

323 Installing Power Path/VE by Using the Local CLI 324 Verifying the Power Path/VE Installation 326 Listing Devices Claimed by Power Path/VE 330 Managing Power Path/VE 331 Uninstalling Power Path/VE 331 Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) 333 Obtaining Installation Files 334 Installing HDLM 335 Modifying HDLM PSP Assignments 341 Locating Certifi ed Storage on the VMware HCL 344 Dell Equal Logic PSP Routed 346 Downloading Documentation 346 Downloading the Installation File and the Setup Script 347 How Does EQL MEM Work?

347 Installing EQL MEM on v Sphere 6 347 Uninstalling the Dell PSP EQL Routed MEM 351 Summary 3529 Using Heterogeneous Storage Confi gurations 353 What Is a “Heterogeneous” Storage Environment?

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