Conversation dating starter

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But if you can rouse his interest in you, you can talk to him and still make him crave for your attention.

15 easy conversation starters for a girl to use on a guy If you want to play it safe and easy, and avoid letting him know that you’re interested in him or smitten by him, use these conversation starters. Be warm and approachable and smile now and then to let him know that you’re interested in talking to him.

As you walk past him, accidentally drop a pen or let your scrunchie drop near him.

As long as he notices it, he’ll immediately pick it up for you.

Or it may be a blink and miss encounter where both of you hardly have a few minutes to make any move.

And just as he turns around, appear startled and use this line.

Apologize to him for the misunderstanding, but continue to ask him for some help by using any of the other conversation starters here, be it some help with your bags or something else.

But look at him, smile and gesture to him by curling your index finger towards you. [Read: 25 ways to look really cute] #7 Would it be alright if I sat here?

This is something we hear all the time, be it in the bus, the train or even at the airport.

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