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In spite of hearing him constantly yell at his sister, she attributed it to sibling issues, not a potential threat to their marriage.“Think of this like your stereo mixing board where each one of these dynamics is a slider that goes up and down,” Van Epp says.“There is a certain safe zone that will protect you from the ‘love is blind’ syndrome.Van Epp encourages couples to wait two years before marrying. Van Epp believes that within three to six months you can begin to know someone, but like looking through a microscope at its lowest power, you can only see certain things in that amount of time.Dating someone for an extended period allows you to see certain things that may not become evident right away.Couples who are sexually active prior to marriage often say they can depend and rely on each other, but the feeling of closeness is really fed by the sexual chemistry not true knowledge about the person.“In real life, in long-term marriage relationships, sexual chemistry does not dominate the majority of life together,” Van Epp says.For example, your boyfriend tells you he is going to call at 5 p.m.and he calls at exactly 5 p.m., in your mind you think, ‘He did what he said he was going to do, therefore I can trust him.’ With that you begin to fill in the gaps in the trust equation that the person is trustworthy to do what they said they would do.” After three months of dating, Jennie felt like she could trust Kevin. “He didn’t try anything, which really impressed me because most guys try to make a move on you the first time you go out. It seemed like the ‘adult’ thing to do if we were considering marriage, which we had talked about several times.”Dr.

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“I come from a very large extended family,” says Jennie. I honestly thought that after Kevin met my family he would change and would love the closeness of a tight-knit family.” “Some people have an established friendship before they start dating,” Van Epp says.

Sexual involvement tends to create a feeling of really knowing somebody when in fact you don’t know them at all.

Living together and sexual involvement prior to marriage usually create barriers for your understanding of the person.

After dating for about a year, you begin to have history with him/her.

Many couples get through their first year just fine, but issues often begin to surface in the second year that weren’t there in the past. Many people are very flexible in the infancy of a relationship, but as time goes by they become less flexible.

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