Dateline dating scam

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He’s looking strangely familiar during ‘Desire’, which rocks along with game-show graphics and a mirror ball, and all is revealed before ‘Acrobat’.

It’s the return of Mac Phisto, brought to life with the use of a cheap i Pad face mask, bringing back “deceit and vanity", all the better to confirm that truth is – as the band’s lyric video for ‘American Soul’ has already posited – indeed dead.

Bono reaches out to her on the screen but she slips away, out of his grasp, to the stars.

The political message of ‘Pride’, that the American dream is still alive despite the rise of the idiots, the shams and the hucksters currently occupying the presidential office in the US, might have been seen as a risky gambit in such a pro-Trump state, but the audience don’t seem to mind. ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way” and ‘American Soul', performed in front of a huge stars and stripes are stronger than on record, all rock ’n’ roll bustle and power.

Point your mobile at the screen, and see a virtual Bono appear on your device.

But hold on, there’s the real Bono, why aren’t I looking at him?

It is a key to understanding the story being told by U2.

‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, featuring Larry on single snare, leads into a powerful ‘Raised By Wolves’.

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