Dating a blessing saxaphone

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There are, of course, a very few Super 20 baritones, some with silver necks (add 15%) and I have seen one with a silver bell.

I think the Kings have strong upside appreciation potential.

It was designed by my good friend and legend Santy Runyon.

The 6M alto; 10M tenor; and 12M baritone are the famous “naked lady” horns.

COUF From 1965 until 1988, these fine German horns (manufactured by J. I understand there were a few made with sterling silver bells.

I would encourage those critics to do their own research and publish their own findings.

Saxello soprano $ 3200 add 15% for gold plate Alto Zephyr 00 Alto Zephyr Spcl. All of the Martin horns have a sweet sound, and a very lush lower end.

00 add 15% for silver neck Alto Super 20 00 see above commentary for adjustments Tenor Zephyr $ 2400 Tenor Zephyr Spcl $ 3000 add 15% for silver neck Tenor Super 20 $ 3400 see above commentary for adjustments Baritone Zephyr $ 2900 Baritone Super 20 $ 4000 MARTIN These horns are under appreciated . Play one in good adjustment and you’ll see what I mean. The horns from 1933 (Handcraft Committee) through the early 60’s (the Magna) can hold their own with anything ever made.

The Zephyr baritone remained essentially unchanged throughout the production run and sound great. The first examples had mother of pearl key touches; sunburst engraving on the bell keys; socket necks; and optional sterling silver necks (add 15%) and sterling silver bells (add 30%).

Most of the Zephyr series was in lacquer, add 15% for silver. Around 430XXX, the Super 20 was cheapened considerably: the neck changed to a conventional style; the bell key engraving eventually went away; the mother of pearl inlay was long since gone. There are a few examples with gold inlay on the silver bell (add 15%), a few rare silver plated horns (I own one, add 20%); and a very few gold plated ones (add 25%).

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