Dating a lawyer

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So it may be difficult for them to be swayed by pure emotion and always respond in a sensitive manner.

On the other hand, if you are a person who constantly needs emotional support and evidence of sensitivity from a partner, you may need to think twice before dating a lawyer.

This however does not mean that you need to spout legal jargon – in fact your partner may look askance if you start doing that – or even memorize the fine points of civil and criminal law.

But if you can keep abreast of the interesting legal cases in current news or at least show some familiarity with the ideas of crime and punishment, it will pique your lawyer partner’s interest in you and let him/her know that there is more to you than an attractive face or physique.

So when dating a lawyer, you must realize that he/she will be working long hours and may even be swamped on the weekends.

An essential part of a lawyer’s work routine involves waking up early for court timings and much preparation the night before.

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But top firms in cities like New York and Washington D.

Know where to look There are lots of places where one can come across single lawyers.

Stylish pubs and cafes around legal chambers as well as the local courthouses bar are a few locations that you can explore.

In a divorce, a lawyer is bound to have the upper hand and even if you have a genuine case against your partner, he/she might be able to take advantage of legal loopholes to get a better deal.

Be realistic Finally be realistic of your goals in a relationship with a lawyer.

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