Dating a schizoid woman

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I've kept a poker face when people have broken up with me, when my mother's doctor announced that my mother was dying, when my supervisor at work was telling me that my numbers suck.The latter was considered as "lack of enthusiasm"...It is hard to remember a time when the marriage was tranquil.Rather, each year brings more drama, intensity, frustration, distance, and hostility.****update*** A comment from a reader: "you don't actually tell us HOW to date a schizoid!

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Before you start harassing people, you may consider that he/she may just not be that into you!

In my opinion, if we're into each other we'll see each other again, even if we don't spend the night together.

Iv'e been talking to a girl for nearly 2 years now and just as friends.

On the other hand, most of us seek a deep relationship with a partner.

Do you have trouble following schedules not because you're lazy, or bored, but because it feels so against nature?

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