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She was the daughter of John Witherspoon and Janette Witherspoon. Notes for Archibald Mc Kee: From Wayne Adams In Craven Co, SC by [300A land grant plus lot in Kingstree] sources include Royal Land Grants, Charleston Colonial Wills, The History of Williamsburg Co, and Beatrice MACKEY DOUGHTIE’s “The MACKEYs and Allied Families”. 679-685 Archibald Mc Kee was one of the early settlers of Williamsburg Co. mentioned in the Witherspoon Chronicles which wiped out nearly half the settlement. We could stretch things a bit and assume an Archibald Adam or Adam Archibald but it still does not fit. The fascinating common denominator is that each of these SC Mc KEE families can be linked with one or more Archibalds.

1776 in Williamsburg Township, Craven County, South Carolina. The Mackeys and Allied Families South Carolina Chapter II pp. Mc Kee [daughter] Sarah L., wife of James Mc Mahan [daughter] Elizabeth, wife of N. Carter [daughter] Rosannah, wife of James Grimes [daughter] Margaret B. Neal [daughter] James Mc Kee, deceased son; to his heirs [of whom further] Stephen J. When she married Archibald, Mary was a widow in her fifties — beyond normal child bearing age (even one, let alone two! It would be expected that if Archibald had children by his second marriage, they would be mentioned on his will. There is a reasonable likelihood that his first male child would have had that name but died young, perhaps in the great epidemict. Thomas of Abbeville County could possibly have been born as early as 1719 but more likely all three were a generation later than the family charted above.

Joseph Mc Kee died 31 March 1810, age 77 Ann Mc Kee, his 2nd widow, died 29 Dec. The SC Land Plats show Adam Mc Kie, Sr., took land in 96 District in 1774. The will of Adam Mc Kee [sic.], Abbeville District, was signed 13 July 1805; probated 5 Jan. It may well be that the teacher was Archibald’s second wife who would have been Adam & Joseph’s stepmother during years when penmanship skills were being sharpened === I am disrecarding LDS and other sites/postings showing an Archibald Mc Kee JUNIOR stemming from the supposed earlier marriage of Joseph Mc Kee’s wife Ann Witherspoon. , Williamsburg, South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. A few bold traders ventured up the trail to the Indian villages.

1778, aged 37 Elizabeth Mc Kee, his 3rd widow died 6 July 1810, aged 66 years [SC Historical Magazine XIII, 66] Elizabeth Mc Kee signed will 2 July 1810; probated 24 July 1810, naming following heirs: Nephews: David Shaw, William Shaw, John Shaw. 1807, naming wife Jean, executor, with my sons, Michael and Adam Mc Kee, Jr. I suspect the postings were recycled “garbage” IF he existed, this Archibald Jr was purportedly born c1737 in SC and died some time after 1760. SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. Archibald Mc Kee a tract of land containing three hundred and fifty acres, situate lying and being within the township of Williamsburgh, in Craven County. From a path for Indian traders and hunters the Cherokee Path became the main roadway into the interior for traders and colonizers.

Please use this as a guide or basis for your own research. Much more information and research needs to be done to figure it out. He mentions his wife, Elizabeth; his five children, Adam and Joseph Mc Kee, Martha Cooper, Jane Miller, and Archibald Knox, and his two sons-in-law, William Miller and Samuel Knox.” Mc Kee History by HHM [Info received from Linda Bullard, do not know who HHM is] These are the ships that the Mc Kee family’s came to Charleston, SC on from Ireland in 1772-1773. Joseph Mc Kee of Williamsburg District, signed will 23 March 1810, probated 23 April 1810 by David Mc Clary, Ordinary, Williamsburg District [A-75], mentioning “beloved wife” [no name]. Elizabeth Mc Kee, James Fleming and son, Joseph Mc Kee were names executors/ executrix . Mc Kee ” with the “A” apparantly his mark rather than a middle initial. (Deputy Surveyor) Series: S213019 Volume: 0042 Page: 00024 Item: 000 Date: 7/5/1740 Description: MCKEE, ARCHIBALD, LAND GRANT FOR 1 TOWN LOT AND 350 ACRES IN CRAVEN COUNTY. The orginal document is located in the South Carolina Department of Archives and History . The town was named Charles Town in homor of King Charles who had granted the the rivers were renamed the Ashley and Cooper after you know who.

From Wanda Frazer Immigrated to South Carolina in early 1750. Mary Wilson, widow of David Wilson, whom he now intends to wed. Following heirs named in Estate: Elizabeth Mc Kee, widow 1/3 of Estate Mary, wife of Daniel H. The transaction was proved and recorded This was taken from SC Deed Abstracts 1783-1788 at the SC Archives (Moore Abstract, pg. Jane Bell July 10, 1707 in Killyleagh, Down County, Ireland. Among his early acts (1663) as King Charles II, the grateful young monarch rewarded eight of his supporters with the gift of a vast, undefined portion of North America naming the territory Carolina.

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Witness: William Mc Kee, Joseph Harris, and James Mc Kee. Jackson and James Hanna, and step-son-in-law, Hugh W. Children of Archibald Knox by 1st wife were Elizabeth Hanna, Samuel M. Children of Archibald Knox by 2nd wife [Martha] were: Sarah Jackson Knox, Rebecca Adaline Knox, Robert Lowry Knox, and William Alexander Knox. However for the first 60 years due to restrictions the Proprietors placed upon immigration the colony grew very slowly and was pretty much limited to a rough triangle along the Atlantic with its apex at Moncks Corner on the Copper River with legs extending north to Winyah Bay and south to Hilton Head.

Henry Janna ordered by the court to sell Negro slave girl claimed by William F. Hanna; Elizabeth Martha Hanna, Nancy Elvira Hanna, William Henry Hanna and Niece: Anna Hanna. To: Jane Hanna and Eliza Hanna, nieces of my brother James Hanna. 1806; probated 2 March 1807; naming wife, Elizabeth Mc Cullock, and two step-daughters, Elizabeth Cash and Mary Cash “to have the property of their deceased fathers”. Witness: James Crowder, John Milford and David Steel. He encouraged rather than discouraged expansion and a treaty between Scottish baronet Sir Alexander Cuming with the Cherokees in 1730 opened the door for the Ulster influx.

Hanna and James Hanna, given by their grandfather to their mother, who has since died. Ann Davis, Amite County, Mississippi, signed will 24 July 1825; probated 22 Aug. To: Letticea Thompson Davis “my living daughter under 18 years of age”; “My step-sons”; Elijah Mc Kay Davis, Morgan Davis, Stephen R. Inventory made by James Pettigrew, William Mc Kee, John Milford, Thomas Milford, David Gillespie. Eleven townships were laid out each to contain twenty thousand acres and to be situated on some river within approximately sixty miles of Charleston.

She was the daughter of John Witherspoon and Janette Witherspoon. MACKEY book confirms/ties sources together, including Adam & his sister Jane going to 76/Abbeville County. We can confirm that Archibald’s second marriage was to Mary nee WITHERSPOON, the widow of David WILSON and the AUNT of children in “pg.82” will. Tentatively ARCHIBALD is linked to the only ARCHIBALD on the IGI for Ireland but relationship is circumstantual and should be viewed with caution. James Witherspoon in his will in 1768 names heirs: “My granddaughter, Elizabeth Mc Kee, daughter of Ann and Archibald Mc Kee.” [SC Archives: Royal Land Grants & Colonial Wills, Charleston; Boddie: History of Williamsburg Co.] Archibald Mc Kee of Craven County, Williamsburg Township, a Marriage Settlement made 25 April 1757 with Mrs. Link to “our”Adam: N5-565 — Adam Mc Kee, son and heir at law to Archibald Mc Kee, late of Williamsburgh, Craven County, planter, deceased for 2/3/6 sterling to John Boyd of Williamsburgh, tract of land formerly run and laid out to Archibald Mc Kee deceased on the north branch of Black River commonly called Broad Swamp in the Township of Williamsburgh Signed by Adam Mc Kee and Jean Mc Kee.(seal) Witnesses were Grisal Mc Kee & William Brown. The Royalists succeeded in restoring young Prince Charles to the throne of England in 1660.

He married (2) Mary Ann Witherspoon April 25, 1757 in South Carolina [? She was born 1707 in Knockbracken, Drumbo Parish, Down, Ireland, and died 1765 in Williamsburg Township; Craven County, South Carolina. 1st marriage see History of Williamsburg, pg.82 2nd marriage see 1757 Marriage Settlement agreement & SC Marriages 1688-1799; 3rd marriage see his will. includes a lengthy account by Ann WITHERSPOON’s brother which does NOT confirm the “pg.82” conclusion based upon their father’s will “and other sources” — more likely the Ann was the one who married Archibald’s son Joseph. He took a land grant of 300 acres in Williamsburg Township and one lot in the town of Kingstree in Craven Co. He married 1-Ann Witherspoon, a daughter of Elizabeth [ Mc Quoid] and James Witherspoon. If “Archibald Jr” was Adam he would have been just 8 or 10 years old in 1768 when his daughter Grizella was born I have found absolutely no evidence supporting that contention and suspect some researchers may have relied upon dart boards. CAROLINA SETTLEMENT The prologue to Robert Bass’ excellent book Ninety Six – The Struggle for the Back Country sets the scene very nicely for the beckening promise of the Santee Valley where Archibald Mc Kee was to settle prior to 1740 as well as for the “back country” of Old Ninety Six where Adam Mc Kee and the Dixons came upon the scene during the 1760s.

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