Dating oahu lap steel updating a mountain cabin with paneling

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A res-o-glas bass was also introduced but failed to sell, probably due to its extremely short 25 scale.The top-of-the-line National res-o-glas models, such as the Glenwood series, are by far the most collectable Valco products ever made.The new name came from the first initials of the owners (Victor Smith, Al Frost and Louis Dopyera), thus V. Starting in 1947, a new serial number system was adopted that allows for reasonably accurate dating of instruments.Valco quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of lap steels, alongside Magnatone, Gibson and Rickenbacker, and the company also sold acoustic guitars with National necks and bodies by Gibson.

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Following the leads of Fenders Telecaster and Gibsons Les Paul models, Valco introduced its first solidbody Spanish guitars in 1952 under the National and Supro brand names.These fairly expensive guitars came out of molds, not carving shops, and the result was unlike anything produced before or since.The bodies received cutaways in unusual places and horns in others, so that some models are referred to as map bodies they look a bit like a map of the continental USA.Valco also experimented briefly with other electronic devices like the Supro Stereo Converter, which took a mono input and sent the high frequencies to one amp and the bass frequencies to another.Amps were also built for an increasing number of brands, such as Vega and Martin. In 1961, National and Supro guitars debuted with hollow fiberglass bodies (called res-o-glas in company literature) in bright, opaque finishes.

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