Dating of p46 2016

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2.1 The digitally-signed certified copy of a US patent application and the corresponding certification statement can be submitted to the EPO either by attaching them to an online submission of Form 1001, 1200 or 1038 or by submitting them on a CD.

2.2 The EPO will not accept a paper printout of these electronic documents as a priority document. A notice concerning the submission of electronic priority documents to the EPO acting as receiving Office under the PCT will follow at a later stage. This notice replaces the notice from the EPO dated 28 August 2004 concerning the electronic filing of priority documents issued by the USPTO.

Deadline for submitting forms 42, Forms EMI40 and other relevant forms to HMRC to report share-related benefits provided to employees in the previous tax year.

For 2014/15 tax year onwards, paper versions of these forms will no longer be accepted. Deadline to notify chargeability for Income Tax/Capital Gains Tax for the previous tax year if you need to file a return, but are not already registered for SA.

First time offer numbers 1 thru 50 now available Mr.

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If returns are filed in paper format after this date, a £100 penalty will apply and it will not be possible to arrange for any “small” shortfalls (i.e.

You must keep this information in your payroll records for the current year and the 3 following tax years.Second self assessment payment on account for 2015/16.Annual adjustment for VAT partial exemption calculations (April VAT year end).This applies notwithstanding point 1 of the notice from the European Patent Office dated 3 December 2003 concerning the electronic filing of documents within the meaning of Rule 36 EPC (OJ EPO 2003, 609).Deadline for submission of Employment Related Securities annual returns File Taxed Award Scheme Returns, file P11Ds and P11D(b)s. Deadline for entering into a PAYE Settlement Agreement for 2015/16.

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