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In December last year, Iraq declared victory over the IS after three years of fierce fighting that considerably damaged cities, including Christian-populated areas.Sako stated that nowadays, a new state of mind prevails among Iraqis, but divisions remain deeply ingrained."Nine months after the end of the battle of Mosul and the defeat of Da'esh in Iraq, our country is plagued by a paradox," the Chaldean Patriarch said, using the pejorative Arabic acronym for IS."There is a great aspiration among Iraqis to no longer live out of step with modernity and finally turn the page on war and division.

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The Patriarch of the Chaldean Church in Iraq, Louis Raphael Sako, called for the Federal Government of Iraq to put an end to the practice of including people's religion on their national identity cards, and urged for greater separation of power and politics to help end discrimination in the country.

Sako stated there exist a strong will and attitude toward a more moderate Islam in Iraq but needs to be encouraged.

Also, the selection of books that also can be of help. Men also tend to make loud sexual comments about any woman in the street who is not veiled or who wears revealing clothing.

If someone is narow minded no matter how many leaflets you hand out its not gonna change a thing and that is a sad reality. Hi and thank you for your comment and for sharing your story. There are five pillars of Islam: And do you consider his traditional attire to be abnormal? Even in every relationship or romantic distraction.

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