Dating real photo postcards ebay

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These vintage postcards are sometimes called picture postcards or RPPC ( short name for Real Photo Postcards).These were actual photographs (hence the name Real), taken by our ancestors or studio photographers, that were printed on postcard blank.In Britain , postcards without images were issued by the Post Office in 1870, and were .This was known as the " undivided back " era of postcards ..

The Kwik Guide presents a short history of all postcards and then covers Real Photo Postcards in detail, including how to recognize and date them.The only guide to identifying and dating Photo Postcards.These postcards, wildly popular from the mid-1900s to 1920, were the social media of the started being printed in the United States or imported from Great Britain .These post-cards had markings for the stamp and their backs were divided into two parts, .

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