Dating victor records

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Albert Victor Grayson, the seventh son of William Grayson, a carpenter, and his mother Elizabeth Craig Grayson, was born in Liverpool on 5th September, 1881.According to his biographer, David Clark, some people have claimed that he was the "love child of one of the English aristocracy and that he had been placed with Mrs Grayson in exchange for financial assistance".Formed in 1893 the main objective of the ILP was "to secure the collective ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange".Leading figures in this organisation included Keir Hardie, Robert Smillie, George Bernard Shaw, Tom Mann, George Barnes, Bruce Glasier, H. Champion, Ben Tillett, Edward Carpenter and Ramsay Macdonald.The executive of the Labour Party therefore decided not to endorse Grayson as their candidate.

Over the next couple of years Grayson toured the industrial districts giving lectures on socialism.However, his mother was deeply religious and wanted him to become a church minister and in 1904 he entered Owen's College in Manchester to train for the Unitarian ministry.(6) Grayson attended services at the Bethel Mission and he was soon gaining his earliest experience in public speaking, first as a Sunday School teacher, and then by addressing outdoor Christian meetings.(1) Another source claims he was related to Winston Churchill.(2) According to Jane, who worked for the Grayson family, was told by Elizabeth Grayson that Victor's father was George Spencer-Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough.

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