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Many of Fiji's older generation adamantly believe cousins of the opposite sex should not speak at all.In some parts of Fiji brothers and sisters do not associate socially, have limited interaction, and only speak to each other indirectly (i.e. These customs were introduced to prevent inbreeding.12 You'll try kava and probably won't like it When visiting Fiji, you will have the opportunity to take part in a traditional kava ceremony – an important cultural and social custom.Most people sit on large grass woven mats on the floor inside open air buildings. One time when visiting a church with a Fijian friend, I witnessed a public confession.A young couple stood at the front of the church and confessed their sin (living together before marriage).

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Sundays are a day of rest and subsequently it's also the quietest time of the week.

Locals tend to dress up to go to church, and services can go on for hours.

For example, moce (goodbye) is pronounced "mo-they". "That side" could mean 50 metres away, or 10 kilometres away.

Fijians are typically ambiguous communicators, and it can be difficult to get a straight answer.

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