Drupal 7 updating image styles

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I'm using mod_rewrite on lighttpd to go with clean urls with the following configuration: url.rewrite-final = ( "^[^/]?/phpmyadmin/.$" =I'm on Apache and have the same problem, however replacing .htaccess didn't help. It is recommended to not remove them, since a number of Drupal modules depends on it.

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I have noticed that: Thumbnails don't work when created WITH clean urls. Thumbnails created with clean urls work when clean urls are disabled and enabled again. But I'm on shared hosting, and had to set owner/group to 99/99 on all subfolders that I wanted to be writeable.Instead, you can just revert them back to their original settings, like this.I am using Image Cache to generate several image styles for certain uploaded pictures.The problem with them not updating after a crop is that the image remains cached, either in the browser, or by an external cache such as Varnish or Akamai.This can result in the image never appearing cropped until all caches are flushed. So I see that manualcrop as preprocess functions for theme image and theme image formatter - but not for theme image style.

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