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Karen, a slim, perma-tanned, peroxide blonde in her 30s, says she weighed 111/2 stone.Within ten days, she had lost 10lb, after two months she'd shed 28lb. If Karen had stuck rigorously to a balanced diet and work-out regime to shed the pounds, her triumphant tone might be understandable.After just six months, she had lost 33lb and weighed just over nine stone. However, the secret of her slim-line figure has little to do with healthy living.Judging by the photo, Karen wasn't particularly-plump to start with. Like many of the women posting evangelical messages on this and many other dieting websites, much of Karen's weight loss is due to the work of a little white and blue speckled pill known as phentermine.But obviously for minor ailments, it makes sense and saves time to talk to your GP over the phone.You can always schedule a follow-up appointment in person or be redirected to hospital if the doctor thinks it's necessary. Generally, baldness was associated with old age, but today, even young people are affected by it due to bad lifestyle choices, improper nutrition intake, lifestyle stress, hormonal imbalance and environmental pollution etc.

It's just a few weeks since Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt proposed that all patients should have to call the NHS 111 Hotline to determine whether they can be admitted to Accident & Emergency.So it's probably only a matter of time until some bean-counter decides that everyone will have to consult Dr Chatbot before they can talk to a real doctor. If you require an appointment, please be advised that the waiting list to see a GP is currently three weeks. Technology has made great advances, but facial and voice recognition software is still in its infancy. Thank you for ringing NHS Chatbot, the easy way to diagnose 99 per cent of common medical conditions. Please hold and you will be connected to the next available Chatbot . It represents an author who: To discover more about Diamond Level Membership, and all of the other membership levels at Ezine Articles, click here. At this point, it seems like there’s a new data breach every week where users usernames, passwords, and other personal information has been exposed to hackers.

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