Error ocurred while updating

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See the inner exception for details" I have created an easy model on diagram, generated the database and wrote easy code in C# to add just one row in the table but the error is showing up all the time.

I post screenshot with Diagram/Generated DLL/Simple Main/And error throwing Link for bigger size : KGc4UPDATE 2 But note that, you should avoid pluralized names.

I have problem, I have just started learning EF Model First and Im staying in one point for some time.

error ocurred while updating-19

You can then install new games into this Steam library folder or move already installed games there.

You may even need to temporarily disable it for testing purposes.

It may be necessary to add exceptions in your firewalls for Steam.

AV software hooks very deep into user systems and can affect disk and network operations which will cause issues with Steam.

Some games also use copy protection technology that can appear as malicious software to an AV scanner, resulting in potential false-positive alerts.

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