Esl questions about dating

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Some ESL students can converse better in English than others, and teachers have to find the correct methods to meet the learning needs of every student.

One of the most effective ways to improve the conversation skills of ESL students is to get them to ask questions.

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Every ESL teacher knows that some questions stimulate great conversation, while others just get blank stares.Are corporations responsible for helping the environment?What are some things that corporations can do to help the environment?It’s tempting to want to ask questions that you personally find interesting, but if your questions are at a higher level than your students, you won’t get a good response. The question needs to be something that the student has an answer for.If you ask a student a question about the economy for example, they might not even know how to answer the question in their own language, let alone in English. Make sure that your question isn’t culturally sensitive or something that may cause embarrassment.

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