Establishing a liquidating trust

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The official comments to the Uniform Act will help in interpreting the Colorado Act, although it was not adopted as part of the Colorado law.At least twenty-one states have enacted some version of the Uniform Act; thus, judicial decisions in these states can provide an additional source of guidance and interpretation of the Colorado statute.Its goal is the effective and efficient operation of homeowner associations in those many areas in which associations are involved, such as assessment collection, insurance, rules and regulations, and the maintenance of common elements.

All small planned communities with less than ten units and new planned communities with annual assessments set in their declaration at less than 0 are specifically exempted from most of the Act’s operation (116).It’s our duty to do all we can to play our part in establishing or maintaining that sense of home for those that choose to be our clients.This is why we have worked tirelessly to build a strong reputation and why we are driven to maintain and enhance that.An effort has been made to have the Act operate in as many instances as constitutionally permissible.Concerns with the improper interference with existing property and contract rights results in some complexity in CCIOA’s applicability.

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