Filipina dating customs

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Now be careful about this, she may not look like Miss Universe but just find something at her what you really think is special about her.

Do not by any means complement on something that is not true because she is very sensitive when it comes to her personal attributes.

Wooing a Filipina: To woo a Filipina he must prove that he love’s the girl.

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Do not expect her to understand if you tell her the affair was just a fling because for her, that is cheating. A Filipina female wants a man who has a firm set of principles and will stand by what he believes in no matter what.

Are you a generous: Philippine society is communal system, Filipino are well know generous people.

Because they share food with their neighbor, they usually show themselves as Makabayan means hospitable action.

You just have to find the way and the rest will follow. She is after all, just a human being like you who has the capability to live, love, and gets hurt.

Chances are you had been chatting with each other through the internet, exchanged photos and huge files of email, spent thousands of dollars in long distance telephone calls and seen each other on the webcam.

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