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It's set in 1670 and describes the ordeals of a pretty young European girl captured when the merchant ship she is on is taken by Arab pirates off the African coast and sold to a prince who enjoys torturing his female possessions for his sadistic pleasure.

I missed bug week, Osouk, but there is a little wasp use anyway.

Thanks again for the update and for all of your fine contributions to the forum and community!

The polishing of Annetje is done and Ralphus has just put it up in the GIMP Fiction section.

A Canadian: I'm a little late, but thanks for taking the time to review the FA-Pro movie.

That's a company that has made some of the best wartime rape movies I've ever seen, but even based on the caps, I knew this one wouldn't be for me. True, you don't have to have to use ropes to rape a girl, but it sure helps.

I haven't seen a lot of it anymore; it seems like even with today's artistic freedoms, we're too politically correct and just not as "mean" to women on film as we used to be.

Amy boasted that only she could bear to stand on the spiked board in Maleficarum, which is challenging us to do better.

And what better introduction than for Bea to be stretched on the rack, bastinadoed, then have her feet put to the fire (or, if you prefer, fire put to her feet)?

I mean, compare what they're offering to just about any other mainstream movie being produced nowadays. I love your buxom victims and the ingenious deathtraps you come up with. Well they aren't exactly bugs, but this is the closest I can find among my pending MAM covers. So, does anyone share my turn-on for aggressive verbal abuse, (women, please answer this question too), and can anyone recommend any films that contain/highlight it?

Man's Power Feb 1963 V1#1-pdc ------------------- If Jac and Amy are considering a Jungle Girl movie, I'd suggest they check out the Nyoka serials. I'm surprised more people haven't jumped on this one, but then we've had a lot of activity the past few days.

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