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Such a supplier is not looking down the road because by condoning the card mill practice, it is diminishing the value of a professional travel agent.

If the real travel agent is treated on the same level as everyone else we would wind up with untrained travel agents, together with the additional scams that would result.

The former employees also mention that aggressive collection procedures are employed by the company.

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Too many suppliers are over anxious to sell their products and will cater to any agency that would produce a sale for them.

GTI has been the recipient of many complaints, some of which included their highly aggressive recruiting policies and misleading advertising practices.

The BBB has recorded 210 complaints over the last 36 months with 38 just in the last 12 months.

GTI's business model hasn't grown significantly over the past few years.

They had over 30,000 affiliates by the year 2000 but haven't netted much of an increase since then.

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