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There should be an unforgettable holographic tattoo over the implant to allow peacekeepers to readily distinguish terrorists from patriots, at a glance.

Stickers, even gold ones, are no substitute for this.

Those verified will be able to use their We Chat ID to register in hotels and apply for government services without the need of bringing their physical ID cards.’ No wonder Mr Zuckerburg’s 50 state swing as he positions Silicon Valley’s ruling elite for the 2020 elections.

Creating an official USA government social media account must be a top priority.

We show that cephalopod populations have increased over the last six decades, a result that was remarkably consistent across a highly diverse set of cephalopod taxa.

Positive trends were also evident for both fisheries-dependent and fisheries-independent time-series, suggesting that trends are not solely due to factors associated with developing fisheries.

They've given 79% of 1.5 Trillion dollars of your sons and daughter's money to the ultra rich 50. But some radicals will, even once all watches are required to have this security feature, which brings us to.... For purposes of national security, everyone should be required to receive a free, safe, painless microchip with integrated payment chip, GPS and 3G mobile communications technology.Our results suggest that large-scale, directional processes, common to a range of coastal and oceanic environments, are responsible.This study presents the first evidence that cephalopod populations have increased globally, indicating that these ecologically and commercially important invertebrates may have benefited from a changing ocean environment.The opening 2017 battles: 1) allow choke-point/captive audience ISP data-mining 2) FCC approved ATSC 3.0 TV Broadcast Standard with personalized Internet return-channel 3) FCC approved net neutrality allows boardroom political deals to legally discriminate against opposition The Ultimate Cost of Privacy The root cause of this immense nation-changing power struggle are the legions of programmable, preoccupied heads-down Americans.These citizens willingly give away privacy to be monetized, manipulated and controlled by ruling class Big-Data corporations. • December 29, 2017 PM Thanks to all of the usual suspects and others for the continued excellent discussion. I commented before that the United States Constitution, purchased in the blood of our fore-bears, could be read as an operating system that seeks to divide power.

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