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For 3-4 years, 3-5 nights a week, Fucking anyone for fun and maybe some weed in that boyfriends boxvan that he parked in strip clubs on Tacoma S Ave.

U literaly had to fuck like 5000 guys just during those years as I recall and numbers say at least.

Just always laughing smiling and looking for just one more guy to fuck before U boyfriend got U home probably before U real husband came home. U such a completly out of control Whore but U was so fun for everyone 4 years. I am way behind on messages and just enjoying life in general.

I had guys asking phoning coming back for years asknhg how to get a hold of U. I am not having sex with anyone any more except my Hubby but might still post some new stuff.

And everytime a guy blew wad inside U would try to get all the cum on your hand to taste yet U wanted them to cum only inside of U. During the week late at nights for years U and boyfriend show up with boxvan and then U disappeared.Thank You everyone for all the great comments as I love hearing them and they do honestly make me so wet!!I have been reading them but just could not log on until I got my problem with The Creep taken care of Get to Australia I would love to watch you play with your pussy n arse getting them all wet,slippery an open for a good long hot fucking Ending with Multiple Anal an Pussy Cream pies!So obviously there are a ton of weirdos out there and I put myself out here for fun but do not plan or want to get hurt so I will not.WARNING TO ALL : If you Stalk me or mess with me you will be the one paying the price after another incident.

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