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This coming Friday we will be at Ab Fabs for the greedy girls night where she fully expects to be well and truly used, again! Have about 10 ladies interested in groups.11 if you count me and mr is always willing to lend a hand or two Yes we would love to meet you both for ourselves before we share you lol, hope you guys are keeping well x "We've enjoyed a few gb's so far.Hi Jenny & Frank here, we are looking for some men to come to our house and have some sexy fun with Jenny, my New Thai Wife.Jenny is 22 and very small, loves wearing sexy lingerie, stockings and high..."I turned up for one where the husband was going to take photos of his rather attractive wife with four of us.Unfortunately I was the only one that showed up and so nothing happened as one on one did nothing for her which was fair enough.We are in Cardiff, south wales and II would like to watch my girlfriend being fucked by another man while she's tied up in our room.

Then have the two of you massage, kiss, lick and caress...

It shouldn't be, they joined up, they exchanged messages &they agreed to turn up, instead they spoil it for the good guys, wasting people's time, & steal the short time frame the couples/ladies may have for such meets, as we do, Jay works away all week and I have children, so the time is valuable when available " Same for me regarding time .

I have a lot to do here and finding about four hours like it was last time took a bit of planning .

Always looking for groups of guys willing to be filmed with various ladies if you guys are interested.

Group fun always fun, I don't know if I'm right but if guys at gangbangs are allowed to touch and wank over you, have you suck wank others while you're being fucked, that's very kinky. one because you can see the effect you are having... Because when the pack mentality kicks in its a buzz.. Have about 10 ladies interested in groups.""Hiiiii Noted We regularly host GB sessions with hotels all paid for.

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