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There was a horse running in the second race named ‘This is It.’ I knew it was the one. And that’s both of us.” I sat still for another long minute, and then jumped up. He grabbed my ankles and raised my legs up in the air, put one of them on his shoulder so he could grab his dick, and took a step closer so his dick met my asshole. The pain subsided, almost vanishing, but still stayed enough to let me know I had a big dick shoved up my ass.

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John, who had been making comments about how good it must feel to me, said, “OK Moe, I think he’s relaxed. Get dressed and come on out and we’ll wrap up our meeting.” He tossed the rag to Moe, who really didn’t need it and then Moe dropped it on my stomach.

Let me get in there.” He got off the desk and I saw him putting on a rubber. I lay there still while they got back into their clothes and then began wiping off the cum from my body, the best I could.

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