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One day, a group of local children were daring one another to swim across the river.

Styler dived in, but the current proved too strong and she almost drowned.

In his 2004 autobiography, Broken Music, he writes of their first meeting: "Her eyes are a pale, pale green and across her left cheek is a whitened strip of scar tissue that curls like the violent memory of an animal claw around the socket of her left eye.

The facial scarring was enough for her mother to sue the company and win compensation. She might have a job in front of the camera.'" Did it make her determined to be in the spotlight?

"I think I became an actress because I didn't know who I was and I certainly didn't like the person I saw when I looked in the mirror." She wanted to act from the age of 14 ("I was always a showoff"), and trained at Bristol Old Vic, before joining the RSC.

Strangely the scar in no way detracts from her beauty, because she looks to me like a kind of damaged angel." The problem was, he was already married - to actress Frances Tomelty, who just happened to be Trudie's best friend (Sting and Frances lived next door to Trudie in Bayswater, west London, for several years before the two of them became lovers).

The affair was widely condemned - not least because it coincided with the break-up of The Police.

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