Godly dating boundaries

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Still, the overwhelming majority of believers will only share that relationship with one person in their entire lives.

The game changes when two people are romantically involved or "semi-involved" (a fascinating phrase I recently heard). Before you start throwing things at your computer, let's go to Scripture.Of course, you cannot maintain holistic boundaries without specific lists and rules.To throw away specificity for idealism is to blunder headlong into impurity.Rather, good timing honors the sanctity of romantic emotions and their rightful end (Song of Solomon 8:4). I fear what that view of sexuality would look like in marriage.Romantic feeling mixed with relational health is God's desired context to make a dating couple a married one. To retain space for yourself spiritually—that is, individual relationships with God and the church that do not depend on your romantic other—protects your heart. Conversely, we seek to cultivate sexual purity that reflects the holistic love of Christ for his sake (Psalm ; Proverbs ; 1 Peter ).

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